Project Hubbard Kickstarter upgrade from Standard to Deluxe


Upgrade your Project Hubbard Kickstarter pledge from Standard to Deluxe here, and get everything in the Standard edition plus:

  • FastLoaders' Rock Hubbard
  • Uncle and the Bacon's "Rob and the Bacon"
  • "Hubbard Remixed"
  • "Robdez-Vous Special Edition"
  • HQ 24/96 audio where available, and video
  • a free music editor "RobTracker" for Windows, written by Jason Page and which compiles to (and ships with) Rob's source code
  • the SIDs/PRGs for Rob Returns
  • the full download of all of Rob's C64 tunes and sound effects recorded for "Project Hubbard SID Effects" in 24/96 FLAC
  • Some source code
  • and more!

Deluxe backers can already download Fastloaders' "Rock Hubbard", "Rob and the Bacon", and "Project Hubbard SID Effects" and will shortly be able to download "Escape from New Rob" - the John Carpenter-y album from legendary VGM musician Mark Knight.

Digital upgrade only: £14 (where your original pledge did NOT have postage)

CD upgrade: £17 (where postage was involved).

Only select this if you backed the Project Hubbard Kickstarter.

Access to digital files will be granted after Kickstarter backing was confirmed, please allow 24 hours (we'll try and do it quicker).

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