Hubbard '80 Vinyl or Cassette (Pre-order)


"Hubbard '80" - 15 track "Premix" Album on double gatefold vinyl or actual cassette (pre-order)

Vinyl: £50 including shipping, Cassette: £12 plus shipping. If you can't see a drop-down list above to choose one, press "refresh".

What if in 1979 Rob was a successful electronic recording artist, and the later SIDs were actually covers of tracks from Rob's forthcoming much-anticipated album "Hubbard '80" (released: January 3rd, 1980)?

Rob himself and Marcel Donné are teaming up to create this missing album. It will use classic modular synths, occasional live players such as studio strings and horns, and will use only sounds that could have been created with technology available in 1979 (for a 1980 release).

In these tracks, you will be able to hear the 1979 version of the sound design that later would push the SID to its limits.

Rob's 1979 studio for this album would have looked a bit like this: 

  • Minimoog
  • big Moog 55
  • ARP2600
  • VCS3
  • Solina String Ensemble
  • prophet 5
  • CS80
  • MS20
  • PS3200

... plus occasional borrowed synths and live players, largely sequenced on the Roland MC8. Expect the vinyl to contain a lot of synth beauty shots!

Here's a sample of what that setup sounds like, with Lightforce (WIP, incomplete).

In this project, we imagine that track came first in 1980, and was converted to the SID later, with great results!

Hubbard '80 is also available on CD/digital as part of the Project Hubbard Standard and Project Hubbard Deluxe sets.

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