Project Sidologie "Sidological" USB Stick (Pre-order)


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"Sidological" is USB stick which is a companion product to Project Sidologie.

Catering for audiophiles, musicians or the curious, it contains:

  • All of the Project Sidologie released tracks in 24-bit FLAC (disks 1-5), 24/16-bit FLAC (disk 6)
  • WIPs and tests
  • 24 bit recordings of the unique vinyl mixes
  • High quality continuous surround sound mixes of the albums (as high quality as we can fit onto the stick)

Downloads will also be provided in time (with USB stick available on request) for 

  • FLAC stems for each track on the album (24-bit)
  • Sample banks of Jarre/Vangelis inspired samples and some C64 sounds in ESX and Kontakt

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