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Project Hubbard - Deluxe is a set of eight albums in a box-set. An additional one may be added with stretch goals, see below. This product includes all of the albums in "Project Hubbard - Standard", so it unnecessary to buy both.

It will be available as a CD box-set (with digital downloads also provided) or just digital download. Current ETA: April 2019. Why pre-order now? Because it helps with the Kickstarter stretch goals that weren't reached during the Kickstarter funding period.

The Albums

Hubbard '80 - a 15 track "Premix" album with Rob Hubbard and Marcel Donné. Here's a WIP of "Lightforce".

Alt-SIDs - 14 new SIDs plus a bonus extended SID composed by Rob Hubbard and created by Jason Page and Rob himself. Here's a sample of three of the new SIDs ("Don't Step On My Wire", "Casio" and "Task Force").

Rob Hubbard Archive - a double album of unreleased audio tracks and rare material from Rob. Here's a sample, "Mr Meaner".

Rob and the Bacon - a 10 track album of bouncy Big Band covers of some of Rob's catchiest tunes, by Uncle and the Bacon. Here's a sample of "Warhawk" from his "Big Band Bacon" album, which you can already buy on, and which was part of the Symphony 64 Kickstarter.

Rock Hubbard - a 10 track album of rocking Hubbard remixes such as Skate or Die and Ace 2. Here's a sample medley: this album is now released and downloadable to all Project Hubbard Deluxe purchasers instantly.

Escape from New Rob - a scintillating journey through a John Carpenter-style dystopic soundscape using Rob Hubbard's C64 soundtracks as a base.


Robdez-Vous - Special Edition - a Project Sidologie compilation acting as a "Best of" Rob Hubbard tunes in Project Sidologie.


Hubbard Remixed - An album which will feature the following artists/tracks when the combined Kickstarter total/ total reaches a certain amount and triggers a "stretch goal". We have achieved six tracks so far:

  1. Allister Brimble - Flash Gordon
  2. Barry Leitch - Spellbound
  3. Johan Andersson - Dragon's Lair II River Caves
  4. Jason Page - Crazy Thrust
  5. daXX - Delta
  6. Mordi - Nemesis the Warlock
  7. Instant Remedy - The Last V8
  8. Sidman64 - Rob or Die
  9. O2 - TBC
  10. Matt Gray - Sanxion (from Reformation 1)
  11. Matt Gray - One Man and his Droid (from Reformation 2)
  12. Matt Gray - Commando (from Reformation 2)
  13. Matt Gray - The Last V8 (new remix)
  14. Matt Gray - TBC (new remix)


Here's a preview of "Commando".


Additional items in Project Hubbard Deluxe

  • D64/ZIP of the SIDs in Alt-SIDs
  • HQ 24/96 or 24/88.2 audio where available
  • Video interviews and other material where available



For in-depth details of the three albums that are also included in Project Hubbard - Standard, click here.

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