Ninja Musicology Live - Blu-Ray/Digital Video Download


Now available: the digital video or Blu-Ray of FastLoaders' Ninja Musicology concert with Ben Daglish.

Sat. 15th October 2016: FastLoaders and Ben Daglish gave a legendary concert of music from The Last Ninja™ series of games at the Underworld club in London.

It was a memorable, emotional evening for everyone there. Tears were shed, dreams were made. The audience was thrilled!

(check out the FastLoaders Facebook page for audience reaction and bootleg video clips: and thanks to Jason and Dave!)

Now you can own the concert forever!

You get free postage and free stuff in the Blu-Ray!

The Blu-Ray is a single disk with the 2 hour concert and a slideshow, and comes with a set of Ninja Throwing Star beermats, at least one of which is signed by the band. Also, if you buy the Blu-Ray, you get the video download as soon as it's ready!

Blu-Ray track listing

Professionally shot! Professionally mixed!

The audio from the concert was multi-track recorded and is being mixed for this Blu-Ray by Alexa Argento and Jarle H. Olsen. The video was professionally recorded in glorious HD by Chris Burton, a cameraman with nearly 20 years experience. You can see some screencaps from the footage on the left!


You own the HD video download forever, and the Blu-Ray isn't region locked.

How does this relate to the Kickstarter?

The downloadable HD video is the "See the Ninja" pledge level.

The Blu-Ray is "Ninja Ray". Backers of pledge levels which included this Blu-Ray also got free postage of the Blu-Ray included, and a throwing star beermat set signed by the band. 

So, you don't need to do anything else: your video download and Blu-Ray will be sent as soon as they're ready.

If you want to upgrade from "See the Ninja" to the Blu-Ray, contact us through Kickstarter!

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