Back in Time Live Bootleg Blu-Ray

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Big BIT Live Bootleg Blu-Ray

A three-disk (double layer!) Blu-Ray set (playable on Blu-Ray players, it's not a BD-ROM). Over 27 hours of content!

All of the available Back in Time Live-related video and audio that we can fit onto three Blu-Ray disks, with menu.

Disk 1: the HDest version of Back in Time Brighton 2015.

Disk 2: the highest quality footage we have of the DVD performances from Brighton 2003 and St. Luke's 2004 (taken from the original DV capture and upscaled), including some Rob Hubbard footage from 2003 never before seen.

Disk 3: rare audio, video and slideshows spanning BIT Live history from 2001 to 2015. All of BIT History in one place, including super-rare audio and video including all of 2005 (including Rob Hubbard's set with Mark Knight) and 2008. The footage is not exactly HD for technical reasons, but captures the spirit of each event.

Note: will not work in XBoxes due to compatibility problems (XBox's fault or Sony's fault, no one's quite sure). Verified as working on PS3, and various Blu-Ray players. We will issue a refund if the Blu-Ray is incompatible with your main player.

Free postage.

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