Rob's Life - C64 Game (Cartridge/USB/D64)


Rob's Life - C64 Game 

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Limited edition - cartridge includes game and also 16 new Rob Hubbard SIDs!

This is a PAL/NTSC C64 cartridge and is also available on a USB wafer (with a cartridge image for emulators also supplied). We are selling remainders left from our Project Hubbard Kickstarter - once it's gone, it's gone.

The game itself is based on the classic game "Mikie".

It was created for Psytronik by Achim Volkers and Trevor Storey and realised as a cartridge by our good friends at RGCD. It features Rob Hubbard as the main character, and has new Rob Hubbard SIDs as the loading tune and title tune!

C64 Physical Cartridge - £50 (includes "Rob Returns" new SIDs from Rob and custom player on the cartridge, as well as a trainer!). Comes in lovely box.

Exclusive USB Wafer contains the D64, cartridge image and bonus material (such as RoboRob and WAVs) with Rob's Life Artwork on both sides - £20. 

It also features a host of familiar faces, including Ben Daglish, Martin Galway, Matt Gray, and a certain approving character!


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