Remix 64


* Digital Download only*

Remix64 is an album with a unique concept: how would 80s stars interpret Commodore 64 remixes? 

Since they weren't particularly interested in telling us, some of the brightest talents in the remix scene were used to imagine. The 80s lives!

Here's a 35 minute sampler to find out! (the album itself is over 70 minutes).

This album also showcases the talents of the prolific David Whittaker.

Highlights include incredibly uplifting versions of Whittaker's Glider Rider and Storm, an incredible Depeche-Mode-does-Nemesis from Wobbler and LMan, two Ocean Loaders from Jarre's unacknowledged lost son Marcel Donné, and a sensitive and poetic Art of Noise soundscape from Thomas Detert, covering his own ironically named C64 tune "Hyper Aggressive"

The 80s live! Long live the 80s!

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