Project Hubbard: Total VIP (Pre-order)


** This is a pre-order connected with the Project Hubbard Kickstarter  **

You get pretty much everything in the Project Hubbard Kickstarter here, some of it signed.

  • (Signed) Hubbard '80 Double Vinyl
  • (Signed) "Rob's Life" C64 Game Cartridge
  • (Signed) Alt-SIDs bootleg 5.25" disk + D64 download
  • (Signed) Rob Hubbard - The Official Reference + PDF/ePub
  • Project Hubbard Deluxe CDs/Digital Downloads (inc. PH Standard)
  • Hubbard '80 (Limited Edition Cassette)
  • "Rob's Life" Mug
  • The Hubbardly Mug

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