PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - Home Computer (signed by Rob Hubbard)


PRESS PLAY ON TAPE's third studio album is the best yet!

We have a very limited number of copies signed by the great Rob Hubbard.

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE are legends. This is their third studio CD, and it's a doozy, combining kick-your-bottom C64 remixes with original brain-beatingly good tracks. Although obliterated from Wikipedia by pedants who can't cope with reality, there's no keeping these guys down! Rock on!!

26 tracks of mayhem, a double CD, over 2 hours of music!

Comes with a 32 page souvenir booklet, packed with photos of Soren. And some other guys, not sure who they are, but they look dodgy to me... *hehe*

Release Date: 2012
Booklet Pages: 32
Catalogue Number: PPOT3

Disk 1 - the new stuff!

  1. Man with the Gun by Soren Trautner Madsen
  2. Formula One Simulator by Rob Hubbard
  3. Olympic Fanfare by Noel Leon Arnaud
  4. Winter Games (Hot Dog) by David Theilat
  5. Parappa the Rapper 2 (Toasty Buns) by Masaya Matsuura
  6. Ghosts and Goblins by Mark Cooksey
  7. How to Waste this Day by Soren Trautner Madsen
  8. Gods (Into the Wonderful) by Rogers, McCauley & Foxx
  9. Piece of Noise by Soren Trautner Madsen
  10. Nonterraqueous by David Dunn
  11. Zero-G by Soren Trautner Madsen
  12. Future Knight by Ben Daglish
  13. The Human Race by Rob Hubbard
  14. Knuckle Buster by Rob Hubbard
  15. Lightforce by Rob Hubbard

Disk 2 - the new stuff which is also old!

  1. One Man and his Droid by Rob Hubbard
  2. Rambo First Blood Part 2 by Martin Galway
  3. LN - The Wilderness by Ben Daglish
  4. Master of Magic by Rob Hubbard and Larry Fast
  5. Aztec Challenge by Paul Norman
  6. Thrust by Rob Hubbard
  7. Commando by Rob Hubbard
  8. Sanxion by Rob Hubbard
  9. Shockway Rider by Rob Hubbard
  10. Monty on the Run by Rob Hubbard
  11. Zoids by Rob Hubbard and Larry Fast

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