Ninja Musicology Live - Limited, Numbered Live CD Set

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(this is an audio CD set: click here for the Blu-Ray)

Limited to only 100 numbered copies ever, this double CD set of the amazing Ninja Musicology concert is your chance to support the Ninja Musicology project and get a limited collectible.

FastLoaders' two hour set was:

  • LN2 Central Park loader
  • TLN Wilderness
  • LN2 The Streets loader
  • LN3 Earth
  • LN2 The Sewers loader - voted by Anthony Harris
  • LN2 The Sewers
  • LN2 The Basement loader
  • TLN The Palace Gardens loader
  • LN3 Void
  • TLN The Dungeons loader - voted by Simai András
  • TLN Wastelands loader
  • TLN Wastelands
  • LN2 The Basement
  • LN2 The Office loader - voted by Russell. F. Howard
  • LN2 The Office
  • Medley: LN2 The Mansion / TLN The Palace / TLN The Inner Sanctum loader - voted by Paul Cook
  • LN3 Intro - voted by Levi Risholm
  • LN3 Fire
  • LNR The Mansion - voted by Hasan Ateş
  • LN2 Central Park
  • TLN The Palace loader

 (product shown is artist's impression, art by Vivianne Ducharme)

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