Back in Time 2


* Digital Download only MP3/FLAC *
Includes bonus "Beta Pack" of WIPs and rejected versions.
Back in Time 1 broke a lot of ground, so the sequel aimed to raise the bar.

The second album used some extraordinary talent such as Peter Connelly, Jogeir Liljedahl, Tonka and Danko to provide a much more varied soundscape than the first.

Highlights include the beautiful orchestral version of "Forbidden Forest", the ultimate feel-good remix "Wizball 2000" and the spine-tingling "Galway is God" Rambo/Green Beret medley, as well as featuring a remastering of the first ever C64 Remix: Rob Hubbard's own "Thalamusik" from Zzap!64 issue 26.
Round that off with an extended club mix of Comic Bakery and Fred Gray's own funky interpretation of his own Batman theme, and you've got a CD which still stands the test of time today.
Here's a 30 minute sample!
  1. Aztec Challenge performed by Peter Connelly
  2. Galway is God (Rambo/Green Beret) performed by Jogeir Liljedahl
  3. Warhawk performed by Chris Abbott
  4. Roland's Rat Race performed by Jogeir Liljedahl
  5. Batman the Caped Crusader performed by Chris Abbott
  6. Terra Cresta performed by Jogeir Liljedahl
  7. Scarabaeus performed by Chris Abbott and Darren Izzard
  8. Rydeen (Daley Thompson's Decathlon Loader) performed by Chris Abbott and Warren Pilkington
  9. Ghosts and Goblins (performed by Mark Cooksey himself)
  10. Ivory Tower (Helikopter Jagd) performed by Jogeir Liljedahl
  11. Forbidden Forest performed by Peter Connelly
  12. Wizball 2000 performed by Tonka
  13. Driller performed by Chris Abbott and Darren Izzard
  14. Thalamusik 2000 recreated by Chris Abbott
  15. Comic Bakery performed by Danko

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