SID Effects II - Tribute to Ben Daglish (free)


NOTE: CD is not "sold out", you can download it from the link below. It's just marked as "sold out" so you don't have to go through the cart to download it).
SID Effects II - A tribute to Ben Daglish

Formats: MP3 (320kbps), FLAC (24/96)

From the SIDFX (6581 + 8580) of Sid Effects' Chris Whillock, comes this album of lovingly recorded SID: a tribute to legendary musician Ben Daglish.

Recorded in 24/96 FLAC and also available as MP3, these SIDs do real justice to Ben's legacy.

Here's the track listing:

  1. Trap
  2. Deflektor
  3. Firelord
  4. Thing Bounces Back
  5. Super Cars
  6. Ark Pandora #1
  7. Re-Bounder #2
  8. Challenge of the Gobots
  9. Way of the Tiger (composed by Mark Denny)
  10. MASK III - Venom Strikes Back
  11. Return of the Mutant Camels
  12. William Wobbler #2
  13. Bombo #1
  14. Zarjaz
  15. Hades Nebula #2
  16. Krakout
  17. Bulldog
  18. Deathwish III
  19. The Last Ninja® Medley



Album recorded and compiled, and artwork created by, Chris Whillock

Huge thanks to Jason Moon for the photography.

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