Instant Remedy - Insert Disk 2 (signed by Chris Huelsbeck)

£9.99 £19.99

Master of C64 dance remixing Instant Remedy returns with an Amiga opus, in a digipack.

Signed by master C64 composer, Chris Huelsbeck.

(incidentally: that's supposed to be amber, and this is a Jurassic park reference).


1. Battle Squadron "Ingame"


2. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

3. Paranoimia Cracktro "Ready"
4. Seven Gates Of Jambala
5. Jochen Hippel Megamix
6. Lost Patrol
7. Project X
8. Chris Huelsbeck Megamix
9. Battle Squadron "Game Over"
10. Full Contact

11. Turrican "The Tower"

12. Pinball Dreams "Nightmare"

Physical format: CD, 3-panel Digipak, 12 tracks, 76:10 minutes

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