Amiga Power - The Album with Attitude


Limited edition double CD set with 100-page booklet!

"Amiga Power" was, by common consent, the premium Amiga magazine: the Zzap!64 of the Amiga.

Amiga Power is as much a book as is it a double CD set, with the mega-booklet running to 100 pages and being full of anecdotes and fun facts very much channelling the anarchic spirit of Amiga Power.

However, as a two disc set it's crammed with great tracks. 

The first disc is classic game remixes by The Stars® which were picked by the ex-staff of Amiga Power as their favourite tracks.

The second is remixes of tunes that appeared on Amiga Power cover discs (or which were inspired by Amiga Power covered discs).

Disc 1 - Pick of the Pops (remixer in brackets)

  1. Sensible World of Soccer: Goal Scoring Superstar Hero (Sami Arola)
  2. Lotus Turbo Challenge (Barry Leitch)
  3. Apidya: Sewer's Blast (Chris Huelsbeck)
  4. Pinball Fantasies: Party Land (Olaf Gustafsson)
  5. Monster Business (Jeroen Tel)
  6. Speedball 2 [Movie mix] (Allister Brimble)
  7. Datastorm (Fabian Del Priore)
  8. Hired Guns (Mike Clarke)
  9. Cannon Fodder: Narcissus (Andrew Barnabas and Jon Hare)
  10. The Chaos Engine (Joi)
  11. Shadow Fighter (Fabio Cicciarello)
  12. Fantasy World Dizzy (Allister Brimble)
  13. Guardian CD32 (Tim Wright)
  14. Coma (Instant Remedy)
  15. Super Skidmarks (Anthony Miles)
  16. Bill's Tomato Game (Mike Clarke)
  17. Harlequin: The Clock Tower [Atom & The Molecule mix] (Barry Leitch)

Disc 2 - The AP Bonus Coverdisk

  1. Gravity Power (Chris Huelsbeck)
  2. Banshee (Brian Sadler)
  3. The Attack of the Green Smelly Aliens From Planet 27b/6 (Alex May)
  4. Deluxe Pac-Man: Overture (Jogeir Liljedahl)
  5. Scorched Tanks: Horizon's Edge (Tim Wright)
  6. Nipper Versus The Kats (Jason Page)
  7. Willy in the Castle of Dreams (Alistair "Boz" Bowness)
  8. Blob (Fabian Del Priore)
  9. Tetris Pro: Digital E-Motions (Patrick Nevian)
  10. Jetstrike CD32 (Adam Fothergill)
  11. Stardust Tunnel (Tim Wright)
  12. Fire & Ice: Christmas witih Cool Coyote (Jason Page)
  13. Deluxe Galaga: The Alibi (Jogeir Liljedahl)
  14. Top Secret (Carl Jermy)
  15. Gloom (Allister Brimble)
  16. Super Tennis Champs (Instant Remedy)
  17. No Second Prize (Matthias Steinwachs)
  18. It's A Skull (Jeroen Tel)

AS001CD: Copyright Amiga Squared Productions 2020 

Note: for licencing reasons we're unable to offer digital content for this item.

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